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98 days ago
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  • 帳戶:0842 940 010302
  • 強烈建議:1) 票種不要太複雜 2) 當"代收總金額=可撥款項" 時,再進行撥款。
119 days ago
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Pofeng L Creative Common Global Network 共筆
Creative Common Global Network (CCGN)共筆, 歡迎大家參與
  • 以Country代替Jurisdiction。
  • 個人可以用自己的身份加入Counrty Team、叫CCGN  Member,組織則叫CCGN Partner,一個Country Team還是需要一個主要負責的人,就是現在的Public  Lead,但這個名銜可以自取,這個人一般來說就是CCGN Country Team的代表,但必要時也可以指定其他人代表。
  • MOU取消,改簽CC Global Network Charter,二年必須renew一次。
目前關於 Country team 如何組成與運作,是比較讓人疑惑的地方,當然可能是為了不同文化與脈絡的 country team       各自發展合適的合作模式,但感覺也可能成為未來衝突的來源,這裡提到 dispute resolution committee       的組成也很模糊,無助於進一步的瞭解
The CCGN is membership based. It is composed of Network Members  (individuals) and Partners (organisations). Individuals working in  Partner organisations can join the network as individuals as well. The  Global Network Council (GNC) comprised of elected Network Members and CC  HQ representatives is the governing and decision-making body for  Network Members and Partners.
CCGN 是會員制。由 CCGN 會員(個人)和 CCGN 夥伴(組織)組成。在合作夥伴組織工作的個人也可以以個人身份加入CCGN。CCGN 理事會由當選會員和CC總部代表組成,是 CCGN 會員和夥伴的管理和決策機構。
26. And CCGN Partners would not be “partners” in the formal sense under  state, federal or other applicable laws governing legal “partnerships”  for liability or any other legal purpose.
=> 柏鋒: 我猜這句是好像是重點耶, 所以 CCGN 應該是非常寬鬆的 membership 
權力義務是寫在 Global Network Charter 兩年簽一次
32. Network Members and Partners need to sign the Global Network Charter, to  be developed by the CCGN in consultation with the global community,  which defines the rights and responsibilities of Network Members and  Partners. The MoU will be eliminated and the Charter will replace it for  Network Members and Partners. The formal process and final Charter will  be defined at a later date. This will be the new formal agreement  between the individual or organization and CC HQ. Network Members and  Partners have to renew their membership periodically every 2 years.
433 days ago
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